3 Reasons Why You Need a 5-Year Life Plan instead of…

Most of the personal development advice out there tries to get you all hyped up

…and take action NOW.

…and to get going on that THING you’ve been dreaming of… NOW!

What happens then?

We may take some steps… but more often than not, we fizzle out.

We become tourists of yet another personal development guru and trend.

For a while in my own personal development journey, I got caught up in setting short term goals

…and taking short term action

and it didn’t work.


I took the time, I idled the engines, and decided to answer this ONE question.

Where do you want to be FIVE YEARS FROM NOW?

As a high achiever, I used to always obsess over New Year’s Resolutions. Short term goals. 45-day challenges.

Those are great. BUT.

Things really started to change for me in my life when I built a five year life plan.

On today’s episode, I’ll show you my THREE reasons on why building a FIVE YEAR LIFE PLAN (the right way)

…can completely change your life (like it did for me)

and the ONE way you can effortlessly create yours today.



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