How I Plan My Day for Maximum Impact

What’s the one thing you do to make sure you get the MOST out of your day? For me, I always did the standard things: meditation, breakfast, avoiding my phone…

But there’s this ONE thing that completely CHANGED the amount of productivity I get out of every day…

I like the get the MOST out of every single day. And because of that, I obsess over how to run my day better. I follow all the advice that people give you around productivity.

(Check) I wake up early in the morning.
(Check) I’ve got TO-DO lists structured a certain way
(Check) I’m maniacal about my calendar
(Check) I don’t check my phone during the first 30 minutes of waking up
(Check) I even eat a healthy breakfast

But EVEN with all those things I would still come home and have the feeling of — did I do enough?

Am I just on the hamster wheel?

Did TODAY matter?!

And that’s what this blog is all about right. How do we live a PROACTIVE life and accomplish our biggest goals?

I constantly struggled with this until I discovered this ONE trick that completely changed how I approach my days.

Along with my morning tea and breakfast (super important), I now take an index card and make a simple list of THREE big things that I want to just punch in the face today.

Forget the little TODOs, the meetings, all of it– just THREE THINGS that if I get done, I know at the end of the day, seeing these THREE things crossed off — I’ll just FEEL FRIGGIN AWESOME.

Ever since I started doing this… I started to frame my day for maximum impact. I started to evaluate every meeting and every ToDo around whether it’ll help me cross of my big 3.

And somehow, THREE always seemed to be the right number for me– because anything less didn’t feel complete, and anything more — I never got to.

So what’re you doing to PLAN your day and make every day the MOST?

If you want to live a proactive life where you have control over your time… Building financial independence is extremely important… How many bank accounts do you have? How are you managing your money? What’re you doing to be more proactive in your life?




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