TK as Your Growth Partner
Scale Your SaaS Business & Drive Growth Working 1on1 w/TK

Who this is for

Working with TK as your Growth Partner is for you if you’re the CEO of a scaling B2B business between $3M to $100M in ARR. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
  • Developing an end-to-end growth strategy to win.
  • Crafting a strategic narrative to differentiate in a crowded market.
  • ​Unlocking the full growth flywheel for your SaaS business.
  • ​Aligning your leadership team around a strategy to grow.
  • Accelerating and scaling your Go-To-Market motions to achieve the next stage of growth.
Note: If you're pre-product, then you'd be a better fit for the Unstoppable Launch program. If you're still working to get to $3M ARR, then you'd be a better fit for the Unstoppable GTM program. If you're actively scaling -- then you're in the right place.

What this helps you achieve

TK will work with you and your leadership team to achieve the following:
  • Identify the biggest chokepoints in your business stunting growth
  • Develop a strategic plan to scale that unleashes the flywheel for growth
  • Build alignment across your leadership team around a the strategic plan
  • Execute, Scale & Grow your business

How we work together

TK will work directly with you and your leadership team to achieve this transformation:
  • TK Kader becomes your Growth Partner to help you navigate and accelerate your path to building an incredible SaaS business.
  • ​​1-Day Leadership Offsite led by TK to help you diagnose your business, map out your growth flywheel, identify the chokepoints and craft a strategy to drive growth.
  • ​​​On-Going 1on1 Personal Board Meetings w/TK to help you drive execution, analyze the data, iterate on the plan and ensure you and your team are set up for success.
  • Private CEO Community where you can collaborate with TK and fellow similar stage CEOs.
Everything we do is backed by a battle hardened framework to drive scale & growth:
  • ​Unstoppable Flywheel Strategy Framework that helps you diagnose the chokepoints in your business, craft a strategy to grow, align your team, and execute with certainty.
  • ​Unstoppable Manifesto Framework that helps you differentiate in a crowded market or establish a new market through a compelling strategic narrative.
  • ​Strategy & Growth Tools that helps you run an efficient Go-To-Market machine to drive growth and scale.

How to get started

To explore if a Growth Partnership can help drive scale & growth for your scaling B2B SaaS Business, I request that you book a call with Team TK to explore if I can help. 

To book a call, you'll answer a few simple qualifying questions and choose a time to meet with Team TK. You might be wondering... wait... Why can't I meet with you, TK? I spend 99% of my time on my paid clients and 1% on my free YouTube content to serve the wider community. If you're wondering if I can help you, and you're not quite sure if I'm legit... then you should start by watching my 150+ free episodes on driving SaaS Growth. 

If you've already binged on my content and have reviewed my LinkedIn profile and you feel that you'd like to work together, then you can use the form below to book a call with Team TK. 

I've specifically trained my team members to meet with prospective clients and evaluate the right fit so that I can stay focused on my paid clients. All this means is that you'll get immense value from the call with Team TK in understanding whether I can help, and when you do decide to work together, you'll get my undivided attention, always.

Once you've booked your call using the form below, one of two things will happen…
  • If we feel as though you may be a good fit for working together, you'll get on a Zoom call with Team TK to discuss how a growth partnership with me works and how it can help your business. We'll then answer any questions you have and once you've completed your on-boarding, you'll work directly with me from there.
  • If we don’t think we can help you given where you are, we will let you know kindly and will likely direct you to some helpful resources.
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