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The Unstoppable Mindset
Everyone needs a plan. Yours needs to be unstoppable.
Based on the Teachings of TK's Best Selling Book
It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re rounding out your weekend with friends and family and life is feeling great. As the hours pass through the afternoon and you start to see Monday approaching, you get that pit in your stomach. Call it the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Jitters, the Sunday Angst or the Sunday existential “What am I even doing with my life?!” -- We’ve all been there.

I lived my life trying to escape the Sunday jitters, dreading Mondays, and holding my breath through the week just counting down to weekends for all too long until I said enough is enough. I learned (almost too late) in my life that taking a proactive approach to my days led to a calmer me. A less frantic me. This all happened when I developed a simple system to check in on myself every Sunday to get rid of the angst I felt every Sunday afternoon. I started calling it my Unstoppable Sundays.

In How to Punch the Sunday Jitters in the Face, I teach you five actionable steps you can start taking today to get more proactive in your life to become the unstoppable person you have within you.
About TK Kader
the leader of the Unstoppable movement
Hi. I’m TK. I’m an entrepreneur, a business builder, and a life and business strategist. I believe that you can achieve anything through belief, discipline and an unstoppable strategy.

I’ve founded two companies (one bootstrapped and one venture backed) and sold both of them.

Most recently, I was the Founder & CEO of ToutApp that sold to Marketo. After joining Marketo, I then helped sell it to Adobe for $4.75bn.

I started my career by working at Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world. At ToutApp, I raised over $20m in capital from, a16z and Jackson Square, two of the best venture capital firms in the world and built it from $0 to a multi-million dollar business. And at Marketo (after selling ToutApp to them), I worked with one of the best PE firms in the world, to deliver one of the biggest and quickest SaaS transactions with its $4.75bn sale to Adobe.

I now spend my time leading the Unstoppable Sundays movement where I help folks like you live more proactive lives.

I am here to give you a framework and a strategy to take on life's big challenges. It takes the form of a weekly vlog, a daily Instagram surrounded by a community of incredible growth oriented people, and now this Unstoppable Sunday web-based application that teaches you how to practice Unstoppable Sunday so you can punch the Sunday scaries and jitters in the face. Join our movement.
Are you ready to punch the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Jitters, and the Monday Morning Dread in the face?
belief x discipline makes you unstoppable
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