The Life Planning Guide

Everyone needs a plan. Yours needs to be unstoppable.

If I could break down my life into parts, there were two distinct phases. There was the BEFORE and the AFTER.

The BEFORE was when I ran around like a mad man, frantic, trying to eek out every single second I could get toward my work.

And then there’s the AFTER. The AFTER is when I wake up slowly, I brush my teeth and only do that, I meditate, I make time for family and friends, I put in a solid set of hours and take breaks, I pause and reflect on Sundays to check in on my goals, and I constantly adapt to take on bigger and bigger things.

I learned (almost too late) in my life that having a PROACTIVE approach to my days led to a calmer me. A less frantic me.

Why do we get so frantic? It’s not because we do our best work… It’s because deep down we have no way of checking in and understanding if we’re on track. It’s because no matter how many hours we work, we don’t feel like we’re enough and our work was enough.

That all changed when I developed a simple system to check in on myself every Sunday. EVERY Sunday, I sat down, opened a word document, and I answered two questions: 1) Where am I? 2) What do I do next?

This simple ritual allowed me to consistently check in on my goals, check in on my progress, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it allowed me to course correct.

This simple ritual turned into a whole system I developed to take control of every day of my life, to be proactive about life, and most importantly, to get rid of that pit in my stomach I got every Sunday night as I felt anxiety about the week to come.

If you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day for you, for your loved ones, and for your work. If you’re feeling constantly behind. Then this 5-step guide I created to help you get plan out your life and get PROACTIVE is for you.

This completely FREE guide includes:

  • An exclusive 10-minute video by me (TK) on how I set up my own life plan
  • A "Pause and Reflect" document that helps you take stock of your current life and what you are grateful for
  • An excel spreadsheet that helps you plan out your entire year so that you're being proactive instead of reacting to every 365-days of the year
  • A weekly "pause and reflect" document that you can follow every Sunday to hone in on how you're doing and how to adapt your plan.

The strategies I teach you in this guide has been invaluable for me to grow myself and my businesses, and I am incredibly excited to be sharing it with you.

belief x discipline makes you unstoppable