3 Reasons You Have the Sunday Scaries

Whether you call it the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday jitters, the Monday dread, or the Sunday afternoon “What am I even doing with my life” — I FRIGGIN’ HATE THEM and on this episode I’m going to talk about the three reasons you get them.

I always describe my life in two distinct versions.

There was the BEFORE

And there was the AFTER

In both parts of my life, I had big goals for myself, I always wanted my own business, and I wanted to become the best version of myself.

But in the BEFORE part of my life

I always struggled with getting on the right life path

I had a finance job I didn’t love

I was in a relationship I wasn’t happy in

And most importantly, every Sunday, I would get hit HARD with the Sunday Scaries

And then there’s the after

I ended up starting my own business, growing it, then selling it

I started this channel, wrote my book, and started to talk about how to live a more proactive life

And over the course of a decade, I figured out how to live life proactively and punch the Sunday Scaries in the face

Having thought about this for nearly a decade, here are the THREE key reasons why you get the Sunday Scaries:

#1 – You’re avoiding thinking about it

There’s a rule in racing. You need to LOOK at the direction you want to go. Even if the car is spinning out. LOOK at the road and the direction you want to go. Here’s the thing though, when your car is spinning out of control, where are you looking? The wall you’re about to hit. Where are you supposed to look? The road where you’re supposed to be headed!  The same goes for Monday. You’re spending so much energy worried about Monday, that’s exactly where you’re being pulled… a worried Monday and a stress filled Monday night.

#2 – You don’t have a plan for your week

No one ever freaks out when there’s a plan. Can you imagine if you stared Monday in the face, looked at your whole week, and created a plan for yourself? Even if there are tough days ahead? The thing is in the absence of a plan, our mind drifts. It goes crazy. It starts creating all kinds of unlikely scenarios in our mind. And that’s what’s going on on Sunday. You’re out of the game and out of flow for two days — and you’re going back to your routine with no plan. It’s no wonder you’re mind is freaking out!

#3 – You’re on the wrong path in your life

This might be the toughest one. You may have some legitimate reasons to be scared. It’s your subconscious mind, maybe your heart, maybe your soul, the universe, god, whatever you believe, telling you that you’re on the wrong path. What you’re doing Monday is not what you’re meant to be spending your time on.

I’ve had a ton of Sundays where I experienced the Sunday jitters and then I DECIDED I didn’t want them anymore. Be sure to check out my other video about how I battle the Sunday Scaries here.


If you want to punch the Sunday jitters in the face, if you want to take control of your life, if you want to become the BEST version of yourself. Follow the link below for our FREE Unstoppable Life Planning Guide.




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