Feeling Stuck in Career?

My most POPULAR video on my Youtube channel is one I did last year about growing your career.

If you search for “jobs in your 20s” or “jobs in your 30s” it is consistently the first result.

In that video, I talked about how to think about your career as you navigate the next 20 years…

…especially with the advent of AI, Robots, and automation.

But Today, I’ve got a new episode based on a question I get asked A LOT.

What do you do if you feel stuck in your career?

More than once in my life, even though I was doing “well” in my career, I felt stuck.

I felt like I was on the wrong path, doing the wrong thing, and I didn’t know why.

I even had trouble finding fulfillment and that got me overwhelmed.

On today’s episode, I talk about the THREE reasons why you’re feeling stuck.

And the ONE thing I did to get UNSTUCK.

Here’s the link to join our 45-Day Unstoppable Challenge.



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