Feeling Stuck in Life? Do an Unstoppable Beast Mode Challenge.

[Here’s a link to the spreadsheet template for doing a 45-day beast mode challenge]

Both in my life and in my company, there were moments, where we felt stuck. I was ashamed of the goals that I said we’d accomplish, and the lack of progress I had made on them.

On this episode, I talk about this ONE thing I use when I feel like I –or– my team is stuck in a rut. It’s called the 45-day Unstoppable Beast Mode Challenge.

For every year for the past 10 years of my life, whether it was in my personal life, or in my company, there were has been TWO universal truths:

  1. We had wild goals to go after
  2. At some point or another, we found ourselves in a RUT and STUCK

The problem is when you’re at it for a while, or when you’ve got competing priorities…

No matter how motivated you are, and no matter how EXCITING the goal is, and no matter HOW PUMPED YOU ARE about celebrating with your team when you crush that goal…

Sometimes… we just get stuck.

We get tired of the grind.

We get overwhelmed with the shear amount of priorities and just don’t know how to move forward

We end up at the spot that I FEAR THE MOST MORE THAN ANYTHING IN MY LIFE….

Neither HERE.. nor THERE…

Whenever I started to feel stuck.

Whenever I felt my team was hitting a rut.

Whenever I felt like we weren’t running in peak performance….

I started using this one TOOL to get everyone mobilized.

I declared a 45-day challenge.

Here’s the thing.

For most of our lives, we are operating with multiple priorities, and with no clear deadline. This is what I call living a reactive life. This gets you years where you didn’t accomplish a single thing, and got a little done on a few things. NEITHER HERE…. NOR THERE…..

When we start to live a more proactive life, we start to pick specific priorities, but they usually have longer term deadlines. This works most of the time when you’ve got the right set of priorities, and you’ve got enough time to go achieve them.

But sometimes… sometimes… you need what I call a SPRINT. You need a short period of time, where you stop running the marathon, and you rally the team around one short-term 45-day goal and go into what I call BEAST MODE.

This is when you take a LONG HARD look at the next 45-days, and say…. OK. What are all the things I’d be working on if the status quo would remain the same?

What is the ONE big thing if I did… would dramatically change the trajectory for me and my people this year?

What if I dedicated the next 45-days to go into BEAST MODE and focus on this one singular goal?

Would that get me out of my rut?

Would that unlock possibilities and momentum for everything else I’m trying to do?

Would that move my agenda forward for this year?

Every time I do a 45-day challenge, it friggin’ energizes me and brings on focused momentum around the one big goal that matters the most…

It helps me put other things in pause because I make the conscious tradeoff between what’s important vs not.

It helps me stop being overwhelmed.

And most importantly, it gives me and everyone else working with me a reason to get PUMPED about what we’re going to accomplish in 45-days.

If you’re interested in trying a 45-day challenge. If you’re interested in getting more proactive about your life. Download our FREE Unstoppable Life Planning Guide (below). We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to make the changes you want in your life.




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