How to Start When You Feel Paralyzed

You ever get super excited about a project or a goal? But then feel completely overwhelmed about how to start taking action?

Visualizing what you want and dreaming up a goal you’re passionate about is only half the battle. What really separates the dreamers from the successful ones are the people who figure out how to EXECUTE with massive action.

Today, I want to talk about how to get started on a project when you just don’t know where to start…

The mental trick I use when facing daunting challenges is this thing I call “Just shrink it…”

Shrink the problem to the smallest parts.

Find the lowest hanging fruit.

Find the one small thing you can do to just get some action going.

Figure out what’s the one thing you can do to get a quick win.

And then find the next small thing, then the next, and little by little you’ll start to be able to get your momentum.

In order to achieve big things, you need to build massive momentum and take massive action. But we’re all human, and even for my most exciting projects, it takes quite a bit of courage, motivation, inspiration, whatever you want to call it to GET GOING.

The reality is, when you’ve got an idea, one of two things will happen. You’ll either always wonder what if — what if you took the shot and went for it, or you’ll see someone else eventually bring it into reality and you’ll be kicking yourself or grumbling “I had that idea 10 years ago…”

Getting started is often the hardest, and my mental trick of JUST SHRINK IT, gets you to take any massive challenge, look down on it, and say, alright, what’s the smallest thing I can do to just get this thing moving.

What’s the brilliant idea you’re sitting on the sidelines on? What small action can you take TODAY to get your momentum going?




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