EP16: What does it mean to be fearless?

What does it mean to be fearless? In business, we’re faced with all kinds of challenges and obstacles, and in order to become Unstoppable we must find a way to overcome.

Is fearless all about not being afraid? Is it about turning off that fear chip in our brains? No. The best of us are fragile, we feel pain, we feel fear, and yet we still find a way to have belief, have optimism, and move forward every day.

The first step in becoming fearless is to learn to start each day strong. What you do within the first hour of your day sets the context for your entire day, perhaps even your entire week. My life hack for starting each day strong is to ALWAYS make my bed. Its one small thing you can start, you can finish, and you can feel good about every single day. Start there and build on that.

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