1 Uncomfortable Sign You’re Growing as a Person

In a prior episodes, I talked about how to get a growth mindset by investing in yourself, and have also talked about being stuck on the hamster wheel of life.

On this Unstoppable Sunday, I asked myself, how can we identify if you’re growing? — because life gets busy and days go by and we may be stagnating and not even know it.

In this episode (video above), I teach you this one simple trick I use to gauge if I’m growing. I ask myself… am I scared? I talk through the three BIG times I was scared in the past 18 months, and what I did to push myself and grow.

It’s no secret. I constantly want to be growing every day. I want to become a better version of myself every day. But so often in life, we get stuck, and we forget about that mantra. Between travel, holidays, job, family… it’s easy to fall back into what I call the hamster wheel of life — where you stop growing.

Until… I developed this one benchmark. I started asking myself when was the last time I was just SCARED. When was the last time I felt “OMG GOD.. I have no idea what I’m doing….” When was the last time I felt “I must be the dumbest person in the room?!”

In the past 18 months, I’ve had to move to London to run our entire European operations, I’ve had to move to Sydney to run our Australian operations, and I’ve even had to get on stage in front of FIVE THOUSAND people to give a keynote.

In each of these cases, I was SCARED SHITLESS.

I knew I was over my head, and yet in that moment I felt the most alive.

IN THOSE MOMENTS, I buckled down did what I had to succeed and knocked it out of the park, and in those moments, I GREW.

So ask yourself, when was the last time you felt scared shitless? Comment below and let me know what do you do to keep making sure you’re growing in life?

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