Celebrating One Year of Unstoppable, and How I Get Motivated and Inspired

About a year ago, I started this insane project called Unstoppable with a goal of helping people be more proactive, practice belief x discipline, and become unstoppable in life.

On this Unstoppable Sunday, I reflect on our journey a year in as we celebrate hitting 10 THOUSAND Instagram followers, with over 35 episodes clocking 17 THOUSAND minutes owatch time on YouTubeand ONE THOUSAND people having downloaded our Unstoppable Life Guideand now a globally distributed team spanning FOUR COUNTRIES.

So often in life, we set big goals and then fail to celebrate. So often we get to DOING instead of pausing and thinking about how to set our goals right. Unstoppable and my other projects wouldn’t be where it is today if I didn’t follow my very specific system for setting goals, ruthlessly executing and celebrating small wins.

In this very special episode, I talk through how I think about setting my big goals in life, how I think about celebrating small wins, and most importantly why I’m excited about Unstoppable as we go into our second year.

Most importantly, I spend some time thanking YOU for supporting us and introducing you to Team Unstoppable who works behind the scenes to help all of us become more Unstoppable.

If you’re looking to take a more proactive approach to your life using strategies like this — be sure to SIGN UP for our Unstoppable Life Planning Guide by following the link below!




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  1. I love the idea of looking back 5 years! I’ve come so far away from where I was back then I even had trouble remembering 5 years back. My dreams have come true in those 5 years and it’s amazing.

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