By the time the second week of February rolls around, 80% of people will have broken their New Years Resolutions. That’s right. You didn’t misread that! Because of that exact statistic, I stopped setting New Years Resolutions nearly a decade ago. Instead, I developed a very specific system that helps me set goals for the year, check in on them every Sunday, and keep course correcting throughout the course of the year so that my goals stay top of mind, and I crush them at the end of the year.

Even more so, out of the 365-days we have in the year, only roughly 220 of them are actual working days when you take away holidays, family commitments, sick days, and vacation.

To get the most out of these 220 days, I follow this very specific yearly planning process through the end of December and refine over January. The bulk of this work happens when I shut everything down at the end of the year and go into my reflection period.

This year, I was fortunate enough to have my pause and reflect week in Bali, Indonesia. In this very special episode, for the first time ever, I go into detail on exactly how I go about creating a 365-day plan for the year, create a 5-year vision for myself, and also wrangle in my calendar so I can take a proactive approach to life.

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