On GOOD days and BAD: This Too Shall Pass

I often get asked by people. How do you keep your energy up?
How are you so positive about life and work?
How do you keep your calm even in the worst situations?

It’s because of my most favorite mantra in the world:

The biggest lie we’re ever told in life is that we’ll reach a point where we won’t have to deal with any problems.

What we’re striving for in life is not to get to a point where we don’t have problems, it’s where we’re tackling BIGGER challenges with even BIGGER rewards and impact.

I learned at one point in life that we never stop having problems, we never stop having good times or bad, we just take on bigger challenges.

I believe the road to unstoppability is wrought with road bumps, challenges, and life lessons, our job is to get good at overcoming those problems.

In fact that ethos is baked right into our logo for Unstoppable.

And so when people ask me why I’m so positive. Why I always keep my energy up. Why I’m calm even during bad situations….

It’s because I learned early in life to EXPECT problems.

I learned early in life that the better we get at conquering road bumps we encounter, the quicker we learn to get back up when we’re down, the more positive of an attitude we employ at the face of adversity, the more unstoppable we become.

One of my most favorite mantras that I learned in life that I ALWAYS repeat in my mind.


This saying was originated by Persian Sufi poets and then every religion, philosopher and orator under the sun has utilized it all the way down to Abraham Lincoln.

It simply means, if you’re having a great day, this too shall pass. If you’re having a bad day, this too shall pass. It’s the impermanence of things. The mantra taught me that we should revel in the moment because it will not last forever, and prepare for the next moment.

It’s why NO MATTER THE SITUATION, I”VE GOT A SMILE ON MY FACE because if it’s good days well I’m reveling in it, and if its BAD DAYS I just know I’m about to go punch that problem in the face.

The business version of this saying is something I say to my team every time we’re going after a challenge:


Having a mindset that enjoys the moment for what it is, recognizes the moment for its impermanence, and having a mindset that prepares you for no matter what is next — is the mantra I follow in my life and what I believe Unstoppable is all about.

In our Unstoppable Life Planning guide (linked below), we teach you how to use tools like Unstoppable Sundays, and 45-day challenges to drive consistency and discipline in achieving your dreams and getting to a proactive life.




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