Your Five Year Self

There’s this one problem I’ve always had in my life.

I always accomplish goals.

But as I’m about to crush a goal, as I’m about to get a big win….


I’ve moved on to the next goal.

Because I’m that excited about continuing to grow in life.

This is a common thing amongst high achievers.

We constantly move the goal post as we’re about to score the goal, because we want more from ourselves.

And because we do that, we then have a tough time realizing why we haven’t had a WIN yet…

…even though we’ve had wins and we just haven’t allowed ourselves to celebrate.

This leads to all kinds of things like the Sunday jitters, it leads to burnout, it leads to us wondering where we’re even headed in our life.

These are the kind of things we tackle as part of our Unstoppable Life Planning guide.

One of the special exercises that I’ve used over the few years of my life, that we get YOU to do to overcome this is called Your Five Year self.

Here’s how it works.

Imagine you’re witnessing a coffee meeting between two people.

The first person is YOU today.

The second person is YOU from 5-years ago.

The YOU from 5-years ago, walks into the coffee shop and joins YOU from today. They don’t know each other but were introduced through a mutual friend who thought YOU today would be a great mentor for YOU from 5-years ago given your values, dreams and goals for yourself.

YOU from today starts to introduce yourself. You explain what you do. How you spend your days. What you’re excited about. And the recent wins you’ve had.

YOU from 5-years ago intently listens. There’s something that feels familiar about the person across, you can’t quite put your finger on it. But as YOU from 5-years ago listens to YOU today describe her accomplishments, his wins, her day, as YOU from 5-years ago observes his clothes….

YOU from 5-years ago starts to get excited and inspired.

Here’s the thing. No matter how hard the last 5 years has been for you, no matter the roadblocks, the obstacles, the losses, and the wins, you’re watching this channel because you’re a growth oriented person. And that means that UNDOUBTEDLY you’ve grown a ton over the 5-years.

It’s just that because we constantly move the goal post, we tend to forget just how much we’ve done in the span of the past 5 years. Only when you from 5-years ago meets a stranger that represents you today, do you really realize how far you’ve come.

Now just imagine where you can be 5-years from now if you’re proactive about it!

In our Unstoppable Life Planning guide (linked below), we teach you how to use tools like Unstoppable Sundays, and 45-day challenges to drive consistency and discipline in achieving your dreams and getting to a proactive life.




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